“ESTAMOS VIVOS” Collection

The Stoned Robots are creating another series of Skull Robots called ESTAMOS VIVOS (We Live).
This is the first Skull-Robot named “Chaman”. Three more Skull-Robots are in development.
The designs will be available on paper, posters, postcards, stickers, t-shirts and as a special NFT edition.

CannaComix – Art Exhibition & live Caricatures

The two artists Steve Stoned and Chris F. aka SmokingJoe MonsterBud will be showing their best works of art from the last 20 years at Cannatrade 2024 in Zurich. Experience Steve Stoned live and be inspired by his unique art.



Thcene Cover Story Stoned Robots:


In an in-depth interview, legendary comic artist Steve Stoned talks about his new project Stoned Robots, in which he combines his passion for visionary science fiction, biting social criticism, cannabis and stoner culture into an exciting art project.

The Comic Story:


Our artist Steve Stoned is working on the comic story. Draw-wise, his Stoned comic art blends with his second passion, science fiction and fantasy art. Traditionally, the comic is drawn by hand and designed in mixed media. Ink, watercolor, gouache and acrylic are used. The first two pages will appear in the November issue of Lucy’s Intoxication magazine on the cover of “Intoxicated Comics”. He also gives a short interview about the STONED ROBOTS project. The issue is available online and at selected newsstands. For more comics related content, follow us on Instagram, Facebook and Discord.


Oh High! Nice to meet you, Robot.

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