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The Story

In the year 2323, Earth is a desolate wasteland. Wars and human-made disasters have depopulated the planet, leaving the soil contaminated and infertile. The air quality is equally poor. The elites, rulers, their transhuman slaves, and the last surviving underlings fled with their spaceships over a century ago to establish a new colony on Mars.

Left behind are the robots of the 420 series and the simple working robots of the X-100 series. They tend to the hemp farms, which were once grown all over the world to detoxify the contaminated soil and try to make it fertile again.

The first spaceships were supposed to return fifty years ago to check on soil regeneration and air quality, however no one came. Radio contact with Mars has been lost for several decades, and the fate of the Martian colonists on the neighboring planet is uncertain.

The story is told by robot A-420 on a reconnaissance flight. It controls the vast hemp fields, farms, and facilities in Zone Z.


The 420 series has reached the highest level of development using the latest AI technology. Over the years, some models have even developed a certain emotional intelligence, or perhaps it was a form of consciousness?


On its journey, A-420 meets other colleagues of their family, each with their own unique stories to tell.

The Project

The Stoned Robots project is dedicated to creating

stunning artwork for a comic book story that offers 

a glimpse into the future of 2323. The story envisions 

a world where artificial intelligence and new technologies work together with hemp to restore Earth’s habitability.

Our team of artists utilizes a blend of traditional and digital techniques to create breathtaking visual worlds that draw readers into the story. 


We also developing designs, merchandise, and a wild NFT series, all with the goal of building a community of enthusiastic fans who love comic art and everything related to hemp.


Steve Stoned, our lead comic artist, has been working in the field of hemp for over 25 years, bringing his wealth of experience and passion to the project. As an illustrator, his other passion is fantasty art. With Stoned ComicArt, Steve merges his love of science fiction and fantasy into

a unique and compelling project that is sure to captivate readers.

High Quality NFT Collection

Welcome to our high-quality NFT collection featuring 

26 unique Stoned Robots, each with their own crazy personality from A to Z. Our collection offers a range of artwork styles, including drawn, painted, and digital, 

as well as access to the Comic, cool merchandise, seasonal airdrops, and more.


Our goal is to build a thriving community around the theme of hemp, bringing together the creativity of drawing and digital ComicArt to inspire new connections and visions. Additionally, our collection provides an insight into the world of robots and their artificial intelligence – exploring the limits and potential dangers of this technology.


Join us and embrace the Stoned Robots as they explore new frontiers and push the boundaries of what’s possible!


A-420 is the first NFT released as part of the “Stoned Robot” collection. This NFT features the “OG Classic” Stoned Robot, who serves as the main character in the science-fiction story. Always high since the first Smoke, 

A-420 is a happy and curious explorer on a journey through Zone Z vast hemp fields. Along the way, 

he meets other robots from his series and experiences their incredible stories.

Why choose Stoned Robots?

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    Huge Collection

    Get ready to take your digital experience to the next level with our massive collection of 5,000 unique Stoned Robots, designed to ignite the cannabis community with fresh ideas and futuristic visions.

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    High Quality

    The Stoned Robots collection includes 26 exceptional figures in a variety of colors, meticulously hand-drawn by the artist, Steve Stoned, in his signature comic style and digitally enhanced for maximum impact.

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    Top Resource

    Get ready to experience the best resources for design, gaming, and the metaverse. Our team has created a range of high-quality resources, including tokens, NFTs, and game resources. Every pixel is crafted with care, so you can expect nothing but the best.

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    Great Community

    As a member of our community, you'll have the chance to connect with other like-minded individuals who share your passion for innovation and creativity. Whether you're interested in art, design, gaming, or the metaverse, you'll find a welcoming community of Stoned Robots owners and the Hemp Community. You'll also gain access to exclusive merchandise and awesome artwork that you won't find anywhere else.

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